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Spanner in the Works offers a full range of drama based workshops, which can be tailored to fit your requirements exactly.

All our workshops are fully inclusive.   They fit in with our policy of widening awareness and understanding of the world around us. We fully practice equal opportunities and pride ourselves on catering for a wide audience and/or participant base.

Since 1997 over 5000 people have taken part in our workshops and productions.

We draw on a pool of industry professionals, specifically selected for each project. This allows each project to have a unique quality threshold and means we bridge the gap between theatre practitioners and experts in education.

   Actors working with young

people at the Snowsfileds Unit

As well as our existing portfolio it is also possible to provide tailor made projects and productions to enhance National Curriculum or local community initiatives. If you wish to discuss these, or be added to our mailing list, please feel free to contact us.

'SMOKE' at the Union Theatre, London


Productions have included SMOKE and WORLDS APART for theatre and THE RACE, IT IS, BLIND MAN'S BLUFF and RED HOT LINE on film.   We have also produced many community and student productions on audio, video and for the stage.



Currently in its fourth year.

Riverscross soap opera - click here to find out about this dynamic and exciting new project


BLIND MAN'S BLUFF - Ten minute short is now being sent out to festivals - click here for trailer.

Pointless Taxi Film Club - Film production workshops for young people in Bexley - click here to email



Darren Rapier (Artistic Director)

Tony Coult (Associate)