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Big Nonsense is a new company, set up by Stuart Murdoch, Darren Rapier and Amee Smith to devlop and produce devised and improvised theatre organically created by the artists.
Their first show was THIS IS MINE at Camden People's Theatre.   THIS IS MINE was Devised, written and performed by BIG NONSENSE in October 2011.
Last year BIG NONSENSE created THE MOMENTORIUM at BAC.   Details on both are below...
 THIS IS MINE   Devised, written and performed by BIG NONSENSE

Camden People’s Theatre

'The true founder of civil society was the first man who, having enclosed a piece of land, thought of saying, ‘This is mine’, and came across people simple enough to believe him’. Discourse on Inequality by Jean Jacques Rousseau.

Set on a rubbish tip THIS IS MINE takes us into an absurd world where the rubbish itself has become a commodity worth fighting for. Three characters have the choice of living in harmony and working together, or competing to take over and repress their fellow inhabitants for their own benefit. The play takes an absurd view of common themes and distils our social niceties down to our more primal instincts and needs.

Big Nonsense are Amee Smith, Darren Rapier and Stuart Murdoch, three experienced devisors who have devised and developed This is Mine through workshops; amalgamating the talents of director, writer and actor to produce a truly collaborative piece of drama. All three have worked previously on projects in separate roles but this is the first time they have all performed together under their new name Big Nonsense.

Big Nonsense would like to thank everyone at ScenePool, the Creative Producers Collective, Camden People’s Theatre and all those generous people who allowed us to rummage through their bins.

If you would like to find out more about Big Nonsense you can contact us at

Battersea Arts Centre
The Momentorium explored the notion of giving individual audience members the opportunity to experience a MOMENT: A break from the reality of life for a MOMENT. The piece was shown as part of a BAC Scratch night on the 7th December 2012. Following the success of this piece we are hoping to develop this idea further in the near future.